Remote Emission Sensing Campaigns

CARES is partnering with cities around Europe to perform remote emission sensing campaigns. The key objective of these campaigns is to demonstrate remote sensing hardware and software innovations and illustrate how remote sensing can help address air quality issues and pollution.

CARES will also collaborate with cities from across Europe and China to exchange knowledge and experience and in order to enhance widespread use of remote sensing.
The remote sensing campaigns have resumed after being postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Prague, Czech Republic

In the summer of 2022, CARES will partner with the city of Prague to perform a remote emission sensing campaign. The real-world data collected will be used to identify the relative emissions contributions of different vehicle classes to lay the foundation for an improved air quality plan.

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CARES researchers recently completed a remote emission sensing campaign in the city of Krakow. By identifying high-emitting groups of vehicles, the research can be used to inform the design of a new Clean Transportation Zone in the city and help policymakers maximize improvements in air quality.

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Krakow, Poland

Milan, Italy

CARES partnered with the Municipality of Milan and its Mobility and Environment Agency to monitor the effectiveness of its current low emission zone through a remote sensing campaign. Researchers also tested newly developed remote sensing technology to assess the precision and the accuracy of these sensors.

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