2nd CARES Scientific and Stakeholder Advisory Board meetings

December 20, 2022

Following the pandemic, both the CARES advisory boards (scientific and stakeholder) had their second meeting in spring 2022. CARES researchers presented the outcome from the hardware development, which is now almost completed, the first major field experiments at the test track in the Netherlands, and the first city demonstration that was carried out in Milan.

Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling carried out in the project, a simplified sampling inlet was designed for the plume chasing technology, with two inlets close to the road surface merged into one inlet to the measurement instrument, making the exhaust plume signal detectable independent of the tailpipe position of the chased vehicle.

A new instrument for roadside measurements of emissions of Black Carbon (i.e., soot particles) has been developed in CARES, which was successfully used for the first time in two real-world settings in the city of Milan. Remote emission sensing of vehicle soot particles has not been feasible until now, which will substantially increase our knowledge of the emissions of particulate matter from road vehicles.

NOx emissions from passenger cars in Milan

The first ever measurements conducted with remote sensing in Italy shows the evolution of real-world emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX) from diesel and petrol passenger cars by Euro standard. Although a big improvement in NOX emissions is observed for diesel cars with the most recent Euro standards, their emissions are still substantially higher than the emissions from petrol cars.