China-CARES project kick-off conference

24 June 2020

On 24 June 2020, the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science (CRAES) held the official kick-off conference of the Chinese-MOST co-funded CARES project. The conference, “Opening and discussion of implementation plan about monitoring and supervision techniques for urban transportation system,” was convened to gather the implementation plans and recent progress of each subject, and many invite experts to evaluate the feasibility and rationality of the implementation plans.

At the conference, Yin Hang, the project coordinator, gave a brief introduction of the project, including the research background, objectives and framework, task divisions, management mechanism, and the annual plan. Then the person in charge of each work package introduced the research background, research contents, technology, implementation plans, and international cooperation priorities. The conference participants then put forward opinions and suggestions on the report contents and submitted materials.

He Kebin from Tsinghua University serves as the group director and Professor Mao Hongjun from Nankai University serves as the deputy director of the review board for the project. Other experts at the conference included Wei Honglian, Chief Engineer of Solid Waste and Chemical Management Technology Center; Cui Mingming, Director of the Atmospheric Environment Mobile Source Department of Ministry of Ecology and Environment; Liu Xian, Deputy Director of Beijing Motor Vehicle Emission Management Center; Huang Cheng, Director of Shanghai Environmental Science Research Institute; Xu Honglei, Director of Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport; Song Guohua, a professor from Beijing Jiaotong University; Zhang Yujun, a researcher from Anguang Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Tian Hong, Director of Chengdu Motor Vehicle Emission and Pollution Prevention and Control Center; and Wang Zhiwei, Section Chief of Tangshan Motor Vehicle Pollution Prevention Center.