Experience exchange between China and Europe

16 September 2020

Sharing knowledge between Europe and China was the main topic when CARES held a plenary meeting on September 16, 2020. Around 45 persons, both project members from CARES and from the China and Hong Kong projects, attended the digital meeting.

This was the first time the European researchers in CARES got to know in more detail about the Chinese projects, and the exchange of experience was much appreciated.
The China and Hong Kong researchers presented the status of their hardware development, data management and other findings in remote sensing for monitoring vehicle exhaust emissions.
The European partners in CARES also presented the status of their ongoing work and future plans. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused some delays. Some measurement campaigns have been postponed due to the restrictions in traveling between EU countries.
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Ake Sjodin, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, led the digital CARES plenary meeting. Here with his colleague Karin Kindbom. (Photo: Linda Styhre)

The plenary meeting was held digitally, making it possible for persons from both Europe and Asia to participate. (Photo: Ragnhild Berglund)