Kick-off of China monitoring project

December 14, 2019

Participants at Beijing kick-off meeting

The internal kick-off meeting of the Urban Road Transportation System Emission Monitoring and Supervising Technologies Project was held in Beijing December 14, 2019 at the Vehicle Emission Control Centre of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences.

CARES was represented via the Beijing representative offices of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

Gathering of top expert team from EU and China

The Chinese representatives included the Vehicle Emission Control Centre of CRAES, Beijing Institute of Technology, the partners mentioned below and others.

  • The leading unit of the project is the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, which has long been engaged in the field of vehicle pollution prevention and control, and has achieved innovative research results in micro-stations, construction of big data processing and analysis platforms, and development of urban vehicle emission software.
  • Tsinghua University is at the international forefront of research in the field of on-vehicle testing and emission inventory of vehicles and has developed the first domestic vehicle-following test system.
  • Beijing Idea Innovation Technology Co has rich experience in vehicle emission and control and has developed a vehicle following remote monitoring system for Chengdu.
  • Anhui Baolong Environmental Technology Co is a leading enterprise in developing and producing vehicle exhaust monitoring equipment.

The project is supported by the national key R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the years 2019-2021. It is jointly supported by the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, where the CARES project brings together European experts in the field of non-intrusive vehicle emissions measurement.

Key points of the project activities

  • Development of new technologies: remote sensing, tracking, and road micro-stations
    Focus on more accurate key technologies of multi-lane remote sensing integrated for gasoline and diesel vehicles, technology of multi-component vehicle follow-up test platform, road micro-station technology research for particle emissions monitoring of the transportation system, effect evaluation and correlation and other aspects of the research in non-contact emission monitoring technology.
  • Platform development and city demonstration applications
    Develop standardised data processing and analysis methods, independently analyse the multiple sources data with the application of different technology tests in the two demonstration cities of Tangshan and Chengdu and develop software tools and supervision platforms suitable for the needs of environmental management departments.
  • Cooperation and information sharing
    Share knowledge and skills through the exchange network of the key R&D project target cities. Work closely with international experts in Europe, as well as stakeholders from regulatory agencies and related industries.