First CARES Stakeholder Advisory Board Meeting

28 May 2020

The first Stakeholders Advisory Board Meeting (STAB) was arranged on May 28, 2020. Around 30 stakeholders and project members joined a digital meeting to discuss the progress of the CARES project.

The CARES Stakeholder Advisory Board includes representatives from the European Commission, member states’ national and regional authorities in the field of transport and environment, cities, fleet operators, international associations, operators of periodical technical inspection stations, consumer groups, financial donors and institutions and CARES Chinese partners.

At the meeting CARES researchers presented an overview of the CARES project, the status of hardware development, remote sensing data management and how to use remote sensing for monitoring and enforcement. Stakeholders were given an overview of the project objectives and possibilities for further engagement in the project.

The purposes of the STAB meetings are to ensure that there is a continued dialogue with the different stakeholders, to collect feedback on the practical challenges with respect to a widespread use of remote sensing and to encourage the broader use of remote sensing at member state level.

The presentations from the meeting can be downloaded here.

If you have any feedback, thoughts and comments you want to share with us, please contact us at: [email protected]